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Here at Sheds and Greenhouses, we have a firm belief that to make the most out of your garden building, you will need the right tools and accessories. Based upon 27 years of experience, we are committed to providing high quality products to help you make the most of the growing season - whether it be greenhouse staging and shelving for storage and potting, or heated propagators for making the most of the winter months.

We sell a wide range of aluminium greenhouse staging and shelving to fit into any space. We also have a range of outdoor storage solutions - an ideal place to keep your tools - tidy and away from view. Our garden tools give you a range of options to make this year's gardening much easier - from simple compost Scoops to Storage Seats and Compost Aerators.

The Sheds and Greenhouses company has been created by our parent company GBC Group. With over 27 years of experience in selling garden buildings, we felt the need to supply a wide range of accessories for use in these garden buildings.

Monthly Specials For March

Modular Staging 8' Bundle Pack - Deluxe Green
£206.80  £184.00
Save: 11% off
Potting Station Bundle Package
£91.00  £70.00
Save: 23% off
Modular Staging 8' Bundle Pack - Aluminium
£126.05  £106.00
Save: 16% off
Modular Staging 6' Bundle Pack - Aluminium
£95.32  £84.00
Save: 12% off
Modular Staging 6' Bundle Pack - Deluxe Green
£157.85  £144.00
Save: 9% off
Modular Staging 4' Bundle Pack - Deluxe Green
£108.90  £102.00
Save: 6% off
Modular Staging 4' Bundle Pack - Aluminium
£64.56  £59.00
Save: 9% off
Storage Seat
£19.95  £15.95
Save: 20% off